Go to work from Vilanova to Sitges in less than 20 minutes; Or go from Cubelles to study in Vilanova at a similar time, they are some of the main objectives of the Pedalable Way of the Costa del Garraf. Being an alternative to the forced mobility between the coastal municipalities of Garraf, to facilitate the displacements to work, study or any activity or management.

But also, to facilitate the access to the natural spaces and of landscaping value that give our coast a singular aspect. Going cycling from the seafront of Sitges to the mouth of the Foix River or Cubelles, going through places of great beauty and environmental value such as the Ribes stream, the Colls and Miralpeix area, the Long Beach, etc, and Enjoy the contemplation of cliffs, coves, blowers, sea birds and terrestrial fauna, or the typical Mediterranean littoral flora. Nature, sport, leisure, scenery ..... by pedaling the pedal route of the Costa del Garraf, which the Consortium of the Colls is developing with the municipalities of the Region. An ambitious project that in the first phase will unite the coastal municipalities, then connect with the interiors, Canyelles and Olivella, and finally connect with the Catalan roads of the Basic Network of the Bicycle and with the European network of the Eurovelo. The project, with a cost of execution of approximately € 1,200,000, contemplates two phases: Vilanova-Cubelles phase 1, and the Vilanova-Sitges phase 2, and corresponds to the two phases established in the approved preliminary draft and incorporates criteria Of respectful treatment with the surroundings and follows the recommendations of the study of ways and accessibility approved by the Consortium. Currently the project, already approved phase 2 by the municipalities of Sitges, Sant Pere de Ribes, and in the process of approval phase 1 by the councils of Cubelles and Vilanova ,. The stage of execution of the sections 2a and 2b has begun and the phase 2 phase is about to begin. The Pedalable Way of Garraf will connect both strategic places and the Vilanova railway station, which This will allow us to take to the coast of our country, cycling around, that they can begin in the capital of the region a tour of their best natural, landscape, cultural and heritage sites, from the natural parks of Garraf, Olèrdola or Foix, on the north , Or the Llotja and the Port of Vilanova at sea, with aquatic activities, sailing, rowing or scuba diving, to end with the tasting of quality and proximity gastronomy products, from the sea, land and vineyards . Mobility and leisure, and a contribution to mitigating the effects of climate change, with a means of clean transport that helps to make health for people and the planet.