The protection and management of the environment, environmental, physical and human, demand planning, development and implementation of programs for prevention, management and coordination, building materials and infrastructure, or disposal of media or physical elements or management.
  All planning and execution, but must be based on objective data and scientific extracted from the real environment.
  Therefore, you must have the means and procedures for obtaining and processing all information and data essential for an efficient decision making.

Develop guidelines and projects within the framework of integrated coastal management, in order to make possible an assessment of the status of terrestrial and marine space and track its evolution long term.

The Observatory also aims to carry out dissemination and awareness activities aimed at various agencies and organizations relating to space management.

Some of the specific functions that sets the Observatory are:

- Select indicators to use to conduct the evaluation.

- The calculation of the indicators within the Consortium and to track its evolution.

- Prepare reports on the site on a regular basis, allowing an assessment of their status over time.

- Develop projects and technical work related to integrated coastal management.

- Organize conferences, seminars and other activities of interest to agents involved in the management of space.

- Establish partnerships with other observatories, such as the Coastal Observatory, led by the lighthouse and Barcelona Regional Consortium, whose scope of work the coast of the metropolitan area of ??Barcelona, ??OBSEA, or LAB UPC.

Organize and facilitate the use of available information on sustainability in the area.