The CONSORCI dels Colls I Miralpeix - Costa del Garraf aims to promote dialogue and synergies to achieve a sustainable land use. Applying the protocol of Integrated Coastal Zone Management.

The CONSORCI dels Colls I Miralpeix - Costa del Garraf is a public body created to manage in a sustainable manner coastal areas, ocean and land in the county of Garraf, favoring the biological connectivity of these spaces, the Park of Garraf Park of Foix.

Develops projects and activities in 5 lines:

The study and conservation of biodiversity is one of the main lines of work of the Consortium. Natural heritage consists of many habitats and many species of fauna and flora, among which the palm or 'margalló' as protected species and one of the most emblematic of the Garraf. For the conservation of Biodiversity and ensure basic results conectivitat space with other spaces, such as the Park of Garraf and Foix Park.
The landscape has been shaped by human activity since ancient times and is quite degraded by urbanization and construction of various infrastructures. Must be preserved and protected as an important asset of the estate.
The pursuit of sustainable mobility and improving accessibility are the main objectives of this line of work.

Climate Change
This line of work focuses on the study of the effects of climate change and preventing the risks associated with it.

Integrated Governance is one of the most important lines of work of the Consortium. It aims to achieve integrated management, which are heard and integrated the voices of all persons, institutions and administrations involved in the management of space.