Areas and indicators that the Centre is structured


Monitoring of the predictable effects and risks of climate change on the coast (to prevent and adapt to rising sea levels, flood risk, fire risk).

Monitoring of fishery resources.

Monitoring Algueró.

Control of pollution of marine waters.

Tracking the birds

The items to measure are:

1 - The physicochemical state of water (temperature, pressure, conductivity)

2 - The levels of CO2 the sea.

3 - The state of the seagrass plants.

4 - The situation of the main marine species with commercial value.   Report 2010-1. Report 2010-2.

5 - The marine and coastal wildlife poultry.

6.-  Park of Garraf artifical reefs

7.- Garraf SILMAR station

8.- Marine cartography. Natura 2000 network

Identifying indicators are used in each of these areas and their method of calculation.