The Laboratory of Applied Bioacoustics (LAB) represents the mature response to a multidisciplinary group of scientists to sound the continuous degradation of the marine ecosystem that is taking place in the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea Mediterrani.El born LAB respond to technological solutions to the conservation of marine habitat and prevent the progressive deterioration. Its main objective is to develop applications capable of limiting the effects of anthropogenic noise on sea and contribute to sustainable development of maritime activities. This way you can meet the increasing demand respect for local, national and international society in general through mechanisms of control of marine noise pollution.

Bioacoustics is a branch of science related to earth sciences that investigates the biological production and reception of sounds, including those who produce and process the human being, the mechanisms for transfer of biological information for acoustically and its propagation in media elastic. The bioacoustics also examines the organs of hearing, and the apparatus of speech and the neurophysiological and physiological processes through which the sound or acoustic signals are produced, received and processed at the central nervous system. Likewise, bioacoustics attempts to understand the relationships between the characteristics of sounds produced by an animal and the nature of the environment in which they are used and the functions they are designed. Finally, bioacoustics includes techniques associated with instrumental sound and for use in biological monitoring of populations in the identification and communication mechanisms, thus representing a method to assess and monitor the effects of noise and human activities on animal populations.