Action plan

The Action plan for Integrated Coastal Zone Garraf was initially approved by the Governing Board of the Consortium, in an extraordinary session of the day November 8, 2007

This document defines eight main lines of action, each of which includes several measures:

Cover and index


Proposal for planning and management. Land Area

Land Area: State of the Environment. Items of interest. Environmental diagnosis.

- Line of action 1. Recovery and restoration of natural areas

Action 1.1 Restoration of degraded sites
1.2 Performance Study Tracking faunal species
1.3 Retrieval Performance coastal lagoon at the mouth of the creek Ribes
1.4 Project Performance recovery stream Ribes

- Line of action 2. Improving ecological connectivity between natural systems

2.1 Performance Study of the permeability of linear infrastructure in the area and Miralpeix Collar
2.2 Performance Study connectància other coastal areas included in the Garraf PDUSC (Master Plan for Coastal Planning System)
2.3 Performance Study of the connectivity of the agricultural areas

- Line of Action 3. Planning and regulation of public use. Improved accessibility

Action 3.1 Signage and conditioning of the footpaths
3.2 Recovery Action walkway that connects Sitges Vilanova
Action 3.3 Create a greenway in the stream of Ribes
Action 3.4 Create a point of information

- Line of Action 4. Decreased risk of wildfire.

4.1 Action Plan Fire Prevention (IPP)
4.2 Promote Action Plans and Improving Forest Management Technical coordinated to private lands
Action 4.3 Create a fire lookout point

- Line of Action 5. Creation of a Geographic Information System Consortium

Action 5.1 Create a Geographic Information System

Proposal for planning and management. Marine area

Marine Area: State of the Environment. Items of interest. Environmental diagnosis.

- Line of Action 6. Protecting and improving the marine ecosystem of Garraf

Action 6.1 Create a Marine Protected Area (MPA) on the coast of Garraf
Performance 6.2 Installation of a park reef production on the coast of Garraf
6.3 Performance Study of fishing activity within the Consortium

 - Line of Action 7. Combating coastal erosion and climate change

7.1 Preparation of an action plan for sustainable management of sediment to the beaches
7.2 Performance Evaluation of the consequences of rising sea levels on the municipal urban planning.

- Line of Action 8. Reducing emissions of carbon dioxide

Operation 8.1 Application of a demonstrative action under the plan of energy saving efficiency in the fisheries sector
Action 8.2 Use of renewable energy and improving energy efficiency in the agricultural installations.

Urban Planning




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