Organs of government, administration and participation dels Colls I CONSORCI Miralpeix - Costa del Garraf.

The organs of government, administration and participation CONSORCI dels Colls I Miralpeix - Costa del Garraf are:

The Governing Council, which is the highest organ of deliberation and decision by the Consortium.

The / The President, who is the representative of the Consortium and is renewed every 2 years. Currently the president is Mrs. Sra. Elena Redondo i Torregrossa, regidora d'Urbanisme, Habitatge i Activitats de l'Ajuntament de Sitges. 

The Advisory Council is a consultative body, participation and information in matters coming within the scope of the Consortium.

The Technical Executive Committee (TEC), whose functions are:
  - Discussion and preparation of items prior to the adoption of Governing Council decisions
 - Implementation of the resolutions adopted by the Governing Council
 - Decision making timely and proper administrative management functions
The Advisory Council
The main body is the participation of the Consortium Advisory Council. Its objectives, performance and composition are governed by the provisions of Regulation Advisory Council can be downloaded via the link you will find in these lines.

The membership of the Advisory Council

individuals representing agencies and organizations related to economic sectors (fishing and port sector, agriculture and forestry, tourism and sports, industrial, etc.).

people representing civic, scientific, professional, sporting, cultural, naturalists, ecologists and conservationists, who are related to the scope of the Consortium.

people representing universities and research centers that have the field of study the space occupied by the scope of the Consortium.

persons representing the ownership of the land
Individuals and entities that want to be represented on the Advisory Council must apply for admission to the Technical Executive Committee of the Consortium.

The council meetings are public and provide assistance and information to everyone interested in the topics.